Exploring Effective Home Remedies for Jaundice

Exploring Effective Home Remedies


Jaundice is a disease of the liver that makes the skin and white part of the eye of an individual turn yellow. It also makes the urine and stool look dark or pale. Jaundice happens because the bilirubin starts building up in the blood in excess amounts. The bilirubin is a yellow substance produced when the old red blood cells break down.  After entering the liver, the tubes called bile ducts carry bilirubin further into the small intestine with the use of bile juice. The bilirubin goes out of the body through stool or urine and if collected in large amounts, it causes Jaundice.

According to Times of India, India’s small district, Goalpara in Guwahati claimed that 11 people died due to drinking contaminated water and having symptoms like Jaundice. Generally, Jaundice cases happen in the month of summer or monsoon seasons due to junk food and polluted water. 

Ayurvedic Treatment for Jaundice has shown several positive results as compared to other treatment paths. It uses natural measures in order to target the root causes of the disease, including jaundice. However, before discussing these natural remedies, let’s have a brief about how the mechanism of jaundice manifestation works: 

How does Jaundice happen?

The flow chart shows how the liver gets affected by bilirubin and how jaundice happens in the human body. The jaundice leaves the digestion disturbed as bilirubin gathers in large amounts. 

Types of Jaundice

Jaundice has 3 major types. The type depends on the body organ where it happens while filtering the bilirubin in the liver. Jaundice is categorized as:

  • Pre- hepatic Jaundice

It occurs before the blood reaches the liver. This kind of jaundice affects the blood rate by breaking down red blood cells. The bilirubin overflows into the body tissues causing jaundice. The pre-hepatic jaundice can be because of malaria, sickle cell anemia, etc.

  • Hepatic Jaundice

It happens when the tissues of the liver are weak or damaged. This stops the liver from draining bilirubin out of the blood. When bilirubin gathers in large amounts it converts into jaundice. Some reasons behind the cause of hepatic jaundice are liver cancer, viral hepatitis, alcoholic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, etc. 

  • Post-hepatic Jaundice

The post-hepatic jaundice can happen due to gallstones, or pancreatic or bile duct cancer. This occurs when the bilirubin is drained in the liver but cannot move further and pass out of the body. 

  • Neonatal Jaundice

This disease is found in a newborn baby because it has a lot of red blood cells. The liver of a neonate has not developed fully as a result the bilirubin cannot pass through fully. Hence, the child may catch jaundice a few days after the birth.

Causes and Symptoms of Jaundice


The causes behind jaundice are:

  • Breakdown or dying of too many red blood cells
  • Damager tissues of the liver 
  • Overloaded liver
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Malaria
  • The bilirubin from the liver cannot move smoothly to the digestive tract
  • Viral infection
  • Cancer of the liver, pancreas, or bile ducts
  • Usage of specific drugs
  • Blood disorder, gallstones, or other medical conditions. 

Symptoms of Jaundice:

Jaundice may appear suddenly or with some time. The symptoms include:

  • Dark or brown shaded- pee 
  • Clay-colored stool
  • Diarrhea and Nausea
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Skin- Itching
  • High fever
  • Fatigue and Weakness

If the individual is having similar symptoms, they should go for tests like a bilirubin blood test, liver function test (LFT), abdominal CT scan, hepatitis virus panel, complete blood count (CBC), abdominal ultrasound, etc. 

Else, they can opt for Ayurvedic Treatment for Jaundice which has been proven the most effective way of getting rid of this disorder. 

Understanding the Role of Home Remedies

Nature can heal anything and so is the human body. There is almost every solution to human disease hidden in nature. Jaundice is one of the most dangerous liver problems. It can cause trouble if left untreated and can also lead to death.

In Ayurveda, Jaundice is known as Kamala and is described as Pitta dosha. Bilirubin is simply formed when the old and damaged red blood cells are recycled. When the quantity of bilirubin is increased in the liver, it cannot be moved through the bile duct. Further, it does not enter into the digestive tract to move out of the body, causing Jaundice. 

Home Remedies for Jaundice have shown a very positive result. Several natural ingredients can be used to keep the liver healthy. Or if someone is suffering from Jaundice can retain good health through it. 

Home remedies come with no side effects. One can consume it and get good results without giving it a second thought but it is always advised under guidance. In today’s world people are shifting towards natural things when they get numerous side effects from Western medication. Moreover, Ayurveda or natural home remedies have long-term effects on the body. It also improves the other parts by nourishing and repairing them. So, you will read in his article about some home remedies to be taken at times of jaundice. 

Home remedies for Jaundice

The several home remedies provided under Ayurvedic treatment for Jaundice are as follows: 

  1. Sunlight

Sunlight is a source that has a bilirubin-absorbing range. It can be useful in case of neonatal jaundice as it can replace the artificial methods. It supplies Vitamin D which boosts immunity. It is also helpful in breaking down bilirubin.

  1. Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane is very beneficial for liver problems. One of which is Jaundice. Its juice has the nutrients that will boost liver health, fight weakness, and improve digestion.  

  1. Raddish 

The white color vegetable has the properties to help against jaundice. If someone is using this remedy, try to use the leaves along with radish in juice or vegetables to get better results. It helps in draining extra bilirubin and detoxifying blood. Also, it improves bowel movement which will increase the appetite. 

  1. Diet

In jaundice, spices, oil, ghee, and turmeric are strictly prohibited. One should add vegetables and fruits to the diet without any spice and no non-veg should be taken. Heavy meals should be avoided and one should chew the food properly so that it digests well. 

  1. Papaya Leaves

Papaya fruit is considered to give great relief in jaundice. The leaves can be converted into a paste and then consumed. It has enzymes called papain which can treat jaundice.  

  1. Goat Milk

Goat milk is considered lighter than cow milk. So, it is easy to digest. Also, it has antibodies that help to fight against jaundice. 


Jaundice indicates the poor health of the liver. To control it one must consider the doctor. Along with current Western medications, home remedies should also be tried to ensure a fast recovery. We recommend not to fully depend on these remedies at home and consult the health experts for treatment. If you have any queries related to the liver and searching for an Ayurvedic treatment, you can visit us at Dr. Sharda Ayurveda Hospital. We, the team of Dr. Sharda Ayurveda wish you good health and good life.

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