How OCR Helps Convert PNGs to MS Excel: Top 9 PNG to Excel Converter Picks

How OCR Helps Convert PNGs to MS Excel: Top 9 PNG to Excel Converter Picks

Most of the time PNG images can be embedded with data in the form of scanned receipts, questionnaires, invoices, business cards, or also the screenshots of finance sheets, spreadsheets, or handwritten data. The challenge takes place in conversion of such types of PNGs into a usable format for further manipulation and other concerns, this is where png to excel conversion takes place. 

This informative context is going to reveal about the technology i:e Optical Character Recognition (OCR) using behind png images to excel spreadsheet conversion. We will tell you how OCR processes, equip with the assistful consideration regarding the selection of the best tool to convert png to excel, and also unveil the best version of png to excel converters around the internet.

The Power of OCR: Unlocking Text from Images

The secret blend behind the png image to excel spreadsheet transformation is indicated as OCR. Imagine this digital technology uses the powerful process by “reading” the text packed within images. That’s the most obvious part of what OCR does! Keep reading to know about the entire process of OCR while converting png to excel format:

  1. Image Upload: You need to upload your PNG image file to the chosen png to excel converter.
  2. Image Analysis: The OCR engine used by the tool starts analyzing the PNG image pixel by pixel.
  3. Character Recognition: The tool proceeds further by using algorithms and pattern recognition, the OCR engine identifies the individual numbers, symbols, and letters embedded within the image.
  4. Data Extraction: The tool starts recognizing text data extraction from the image.
  5. Layout Interpretation (Optional): Advanced OCR engines are also able to analyze the layout of the PNG loaded table, charts, etc for the ease of more structured data-extraction. 
  6. Excel Creation: Finally, the converted (extracted ) data is properly formatted into usable and editable MS Excel spreadsheet format. Finally, your excel file is ready for further manipulation. 

Benefits of OCR for PNG to Excel Conversion:

  • Transforms unusable image data into actionable information.
  • Eliminates tedious manual data entry, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Enables easy analysis and manipulation of data within Excel.
  • Increases productivity by streamlining workflows.

Considering these all benefits, an online converter also lets you make as many png to excel conversions as you want using advanced OCR technology. 

Choosing the Right PNG to Excel Converter: Helpful Considerations

With a plethora of png to excel conversion tools available around the internet, selecting the right one mainly based on user preferences. Here are some key factors that you should have to consider for the convenience:

  • Accuracy Requirements: If accuracy is the paramount, especially images with low-quality, complex layouts, or handwritten data, you should have to prioritize the conversion tools that use advanced OCR capabilities. 
  • Data Volume and Frequency: For frequent png images to excel conversions or large datasets, you have to proceed with the tools that enable batch processing and high file size limits. 
  • Security Concerns: If you’re dealing with sensitive information regarding finance sheets or others, prioritize the converters that are packed with strong security features including secure servers and encryption. Free converter for png to spreadsheet conversion might come with some limitations. 
  • Features and Functionality: Basic converting tools only provides you with basic conversions, while advanced one’s offer features including formatting options ,multi-page processing, and table detection. 
  • Cost and Budget: Both free and paid converters for png excel conversion available. Remember that free options come with some limitations regarding accuracy, features, and number of conversions. On the other hand, a paid converter provides you with superior features and support. 
  • Ease of Use: It’s important to consider the UI (User Interface) complexity and your convenience with software or online converters. Simple and easy to navigate interfaces are ideal for starters. 

Top 10 PNG to Excel Converter Picks (Free & Paid)

These are some popular converters that help you people to get started for converting png to excel spreadsheet format. 

Free Options:

  1. OnlineOCR: A user-friendly online file conversion tool that lets you proceed  with basic OCR features suitable for simple PNG images.
  2. FreeOCR: It is another free online option that comes with multilingual support, entertaining with the basic png file to excel conversion functionalities.
  3. Jpgtoexcel: One of the straight-forward online tools that loaded with jpg to excel converter along with the tool uses advanced OCR for converting png to excel (xlsx) format.
  4. Coolutils PNG to Excel Converter: This online tool mainly focuses on privacy as well as data security. However, it is the best option for basic transformation of files with non-sensitive data. 
  5. Apache POI (Open-Source): Depicted as a free and open-source Java library that works to read and write MS Excel files. The only thing is it requires some technical knowledge for the ease of integrating with its OCR conversion tools.

Paid Options:

  1. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC: This is industry-leading program that uses advanced OCR engine and advanced features. For complex tasks and large data volumes, it is an ideal choice. 
  2. ABBYY FineReader PDF: Known for its high quality results across different files, including PNG images. Indicated as the solid option for the accuracy critical png to excel conversions. 
  3. Nitro Pro: One of the best and super-fast tools that offers perfect OCR, pdf editing features, and even the MS Excel spreadsheet conversions capabilities. It is referred to as the combo of document editing along with conversion needs. 
  4. Cardscanner: Indicated as the powerful paid online web-based source that supports all common OCR-based conversions, including PNG to Excel. 

Pro Tip: It’s best to test a small small PNG image file with any png to excel converter, especially free options, to gauge the accuracy level prior to commit for a large-scaling conversion. In addition to that, you ought to pay proper attention to the image to text conversion tool’s privacy policy as well as data security measures – this helps to ensure that your information is protected, especially when you’re going to deal with sensitive data. 

Making an Informed Decision

After understanding the role of OCR in PNG into Excel spreadsheet transformation, you ought to consider the helpful factors while choosing a converter. It’s best to explore the provided list of options and make an informed decision. Remember that the best tool selection mainly depends on your specific needs along with preferences. There’s no need to hesitate to experiment with free trials of paid tools or sample transformations with online tools for finding the perfect fit. 


By leveraging the OCR engine and even the power of png to excel spreadsheet converting tools, you can easily access, edit, and manipulate the data embedded in images by converting all into editable MS Excel file format.

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