How to build an SEO strategy that works

We deal with positioning on Google in Suiss and we know what it means to create an SEO strategy capable of bringing results. In reality, this is a complex activity that must be contextualized and focused on the individual project there is no SEO strategy valid for everyone. Even if there are starting conditions that always apply. The relativity of this work depends on many steps.

For example, there is different competition, the market is particular, there are objectives that diverge and the nature of the good or service proposed can have an impact on the type of SEO strategy to be activated.

We can help you identify the right conditions, and concretely apply the various steps for good positioning on Google. In the meantime, here are the fundamental pillars of this strategic activity.


This is certainly a fundamental starting point for activating an effective SEO strategy. It all starts with good keyword analysis, i.e. what people search for on the search engine.

Why is it so important to think in terms of keyword research within an SEO strategy If you know the public’s demand you also have a bird’s eye view of your target’s needs.

And you know what is needed to satisfy concrete needs, not those that you think you have to face without reference. This way you can start thinking about the content to create and what to publish.

In other words, thanks to keyword research you can understand and intercept the public. This work is carried out thanks to a series of specific tools.


After having studied the contours of successful keyword research you can dedicate yourself to the next phase of the SEO strategy the structure of the website. You know what the public wants, now you have to create a portal capable of respecting these needs. So you create a skeleton capable of clearly presenting the pages to be created, the categories and sub-categories of an e-commerce website.

Without forgetting the folders with company blog articles and everything you need to create a clean structure. But above all capable of avoiding classic SEO errors such as orphaned pages and navigation that is too complex, unnecessarily deep and far from the most important page of the project the home page. These are fundamental SEO rules that you can also find in the Google guide.


The SEO strategy cannot ignore a good content marketing activity. The important thing is to move away from the perspective of content as simple writing. In many cases, thanks to a good analysis of the SERP as well as keyword research, good positionings can be obtained on Google thanks to multimedia content such as images or videos. Here is a concrete example.

As you can see, in some cases the first results on the search engine page are occupied by images that portray, in this specific case, examples of completed documents. Therefore, when the search intent is directed towards certain types of content, we must adapt and take the field with the best possible result. Only in this way can you face your competitors and create a good SEO strategy.


If you want to win the challenge of SEO positioning, it is not enough to have an effective structure and a winning editorial calendar. You need incoming links pointing to your domain. That is, mentions and backlinks that allow you to fuel a good off-page SEO strategy. That is, external to the activities to be carried out on the reference domain. Is planning a link building activity essential

In certain sectors, yes, especially if we are talking about very competitive contexts with a large number of competitors. The problem of link building concerns not only the difficulty but also the substantial danger due to possible penalties. If you don’t work well, respecting the principles that allow you to avoid the narrow limits of Google controls, you risk running into manual interventions that reduce your visibility.


In the SEO strategy you must also foresee specific conditions to move in certain sectors. For example, in some cases it may be essential to operate in terms of local SEO. What does it mean?

You need to position your website, and your brand in general, for geolocalized queries with a location name. Or it is possible that a website needs to be supported by digital PR or e-commerce SEO work.


Do you think your SEO strategy work is finished with the publication of the website Nothing to do, the path continues in an endless Deming cycle. You put your actions into practice, record them and evaluate the results. Then you make changes and continue working until you reach a better result.

This allows you to get good results over time. And it is a winning approach because those who do SEO professionally know well that results are not achieved overnight it is a process similar to a marathon, not a 100 meter sprint. For this there are tools such as advertising.

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