Top 5 OCR Tools for Converting Images to Text

Top 5 OCR Tools for Converting Images to Text

Changing images from any format to text form has become the need of every business and it is also important for researchers. This looks like a complex task to extract the text from the images but can be made easy with the help of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which is used by the online image to text converter. For an instant and accurate conversion, it’s important to select the right tool. So for this purpose, we have discussed here the top five online converters.


This is an online image to text converter that provides a simple and user-friendly interface to convert images into text form. Without the need for any type of software, you can use this one online by searching The features that make it significant from others are as follows:

Key Features

➥ Ease of Use: It is easy for everyone to use without worrying about any technical expert because of the straightforward interface.

➥ Speed: The image to text is converted in seconds because of its quick delivery result.

➥ Online Accessibility: The internet only needs to access this web-based converter from any device.


➥ Easy and free to use

➥ Quick processing time

➥ No need for installation 


➥ There is a need for an internet connection to use the image to text converter.

Use Case

For the user who needs a quick, hassle-free way to convert images to text without downloading or installing the software, is a perfect choice.

2. Tesseract OCR

Hewlett-Packard developed the open-source tool named Tesseract OCR, but now it is maintained by Google and is famous for its accuracy and work.

Key Features

➥ Multilingual Support: It is used internationally because of the wide range of languages offered by it.

➥ Customizable: To enhance the accuracy and specialization of the application, users can train it in particular languages.


➥ Open-source and free

➥ Accurate with good quality of image

➥ Broad support of language


➥ To install and use, technical knowledge is needed

➥ It is difficult for it to manage complicated layouts and poor-quality images

Use Case

For a wide range of languages and applications, it is a valuable online converter for developers and researchers who need a high-accuracy and customizable OCR solution.

3. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

This image to text converter is a premium that gives us the premium features of management along with their top OCR abilities. To convert scanned documents into searchable and editable, the professionals used it widely.

Key Features

➥ High Accuracy: The OCR technology of Adobe is very accurate, particularly with images of high quality.

➥ Editing Tools: To modify the converted text directly within the document is enabled by the tool which makes it a powerful PDF editing tool.

➥ Batch Processing: Multiple files can be simultaneously processed because it saves a lot of user time.


➥ Great accuracy

➥ Understandable features of management and PDF editing

➥ User-friendly interface


➥ Costly model of subscription 

➥ For optimal performance, a relatively powerful computer is required.

Use Case

For professionals and businesses who are looking for a reliable and perfect tool with editing and management features, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is a perfect tool.

4. ABBYY FineReader

The image to text converter is known for its precision, easiness, and speed. It is a popular tool for professionals who need to use this kind of tool daily.

Key Features

➥ Superior Accuracy: Even with complicated layouts and low-quality images it is highly accurate.

➥ Document Comparison: There is a detection feature by which users can compare documents side by side to detect differences.

➥ Multiformat Support: Word, Excel, and PDFs are various output formats supported by it.


➥ High accuracy and speed

➥ Advanced features of document comparison

➥ A clean interface that is easy to use


➥ Expensive as compared to other tools

➥ For advanced users, there are limited features of customization

Use Case

This image to text convert is a perfect tool for those who give priority to the speed and accuracy of their process of document conversion.

5. Google Drive OCR

It is a cloud-based and free solution for the best OCR finders that offers the basic capabilities of OCR as part of the Google Drive suite. It is easy to integrate and access seamlessly with other services of Google.

Key Features

➥ Accessibility: It can be accessed from any device having an internet connection because of its cloud-based service.

➥ Integration: Easy sharing and collaboration can be done because it integrates smoothly with Google Docs and other services of Google.

➥ Cost-effective: It fulfills the basic OCR needs because it is cost-effective and free to use.


➥ Free and easy to use

➥ Google services are nicely integrated by it.

➥ Convenient cloud-based access


➥ As compared to premium tools there is a limited functionality

➥ With poor-quality images and complex layouts, it gives lower accuracy

Use Case

For small businesses and those who are looking for a no-cost OCR solution integrated with collaboration tools and storage, Google Drive OCR can be ideal.

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